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Hello and welcome to Pride FM! The hottest internet based radio station and music community on the net. Tune into Pride FM and be blown away by our high quality audio stream and friendly night club like environment that we have created, broadcasting the latest and most exclusive tracks from all around the globe, plus the best retro dance music spinning without any interruptions. Get the feeling of Pride FM by listening in to a live broadcast of only the best techno, house, trance, euro dance, rave, and disco hits! We also play a mix of alternative, heavy metal, goth, and glam rock too for the ultimate listening pleasure for the music lover in everyone.

Be sure to join the PrideFM music community forum as well to get in touch with other PrideFM listners, bands, and dj's. Pride FM is more than a radio station, it is a whole music community experience. Get in the mix, and let Pride FM be your musical fix.

Enjoy the feel good vibes.
DJ Mandi Faux
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